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April 2: There is an exam Monday. Class will meet Wednesday (the 6th) and Friday the 8th), at the usual time.
April 1 #2:
Problem set 12 has been amended (an additional problem was added).
April 1 #1: For the exam on monday: You are responsible for
(1) van Holde, Chapter 6, all of it. Parts of this chapter, in particular sections 6.5.1, 6.5.2, 6.5.3, are more mathematical than the treatment in class. You do not have to understand the derivations. We did not cover Patterson functions in class (page 284-288). Read that section. You should understand Patterson Space on a descriptive level: a Patterson function gives peaks corresponding to interatomic vectors.
(2) the assigned articles (see March 26).
(3) problem sets 9,11-15.

March 31 #2: The hints for homework set #12 (see March 29) have been revised and extended. Please note that to take the negative of a vector, one must change the phase by 180 degrees.
March 31: Problem Set 14 has been assigned, due Monday, April 5.
March 29 #1: Hints for homework set #12 have been posted here. Please be careful, because the example is not exactly the same as the problem. There is a sign difference in one of the phases.
March 29: Howework set 13 has been posed, due Wednesday, March 31.
March 26: #2
The schedule has been updated to reflect that there is no quiz on the last day of class, etc.

For Presentations:

(1) As soon as possible, but no fewer than 5 days before your presentation, please email me the pdf file of the primary paper upon which your talk is based. The file should be called first_last.pdf, where 'first' is your first name and 'last' is your last name.

(2) 5 days after your presentation hand in a 3 page summary of your talk.

(3) Please be on time for class. A 2 minute quiz will be administered everyday at 10:05 covering the introduction and discussion of the papers to be presented that day. If you show up at 10:08, then you will be out of luck. The links to the papers will be set up on the course schedule.

(4) Remember, if there are three talks scheduled, talks are strictly limited to 15 minutes each, with a few minutes allocated for questions.

March 26: Read the Following.

1. Paper on adjacent GA mismatches

2. Report on Variable Number of Tandem Repeats (introduction only)

3. Web Page on DNA Forensics
March 24 #2: The schedule has been updated, to include dates of student presentations. Please confirm that you are on the schedule, and that the date is correct.
March 24: Problem set 12 has been posted. It is due on Monday, March 29.
March 1: see **note below under Feb 28.
Feb 28:
Exam 2: The exam on monday will cover problem sets 7-11. (**note: not problem set 6)
From van Holde:
pages 20-28 (symmetry)
pages 242-252 (crystals)
page 260-262 (Braggs Law)
An error in the key for problem set 7 has been corrected (in the second to last problem).
There will no questions on Mass Spectrometry on the Exam.
A new problem set has been posted. This problem set is not to be handed in, but it is highly recommended that you work these problems before the exam.

Feb 25 (#2):
Another problem set (#10) has been posted. It is due Monday (3/1).
Feb 25: A new problem set (#9) has been posted. It is due Friday (2/27).
Feb 18:
No class Friday, Feb 20th.
The key for problem set 7 has been posted here.
Feb 17:
Re: assignment 8. Some people are having problems understanding what to do here. Yesterday (monday) at the very end of the class, I demonstrated how to build a lattice of symmetry operators for space group P222. That demonstration is posted here. The P means 'primitive' which for right now means that you must make the smallest unit cell that you can make. More discussion of this on Friday.
Feb 12:
Assignment 8, on point and space symmetry, has been posted. It is due Wed., Feb. 18.
Feb 11:
A crystallography page has been posted, here. Assignment 7, on two-fold rotation symmetry, has been posted. It is due Mon., Feb. 16.
Feb 6:
A histogram has been posted. The key has been revised.
Feb 5:
There is a typo in the answer key in van Holde for 3.3a. The exponent in 1/r^6 should be should be a 7.
Feb 2:
Omit questions 3.5 & 3.7 from the MD problem set.
The example spreadsheet for the Waves problem set has been posted.
Jan 30: PM #2
The 6th problem set has been posted. It is due on Feb 4. To summarize: (and because one of the problem sets was labelled incorrectly)

problem set topic comment
1 Molecular Interactions
2 Basic Thermodynanics
3 Light Scattering spreadsheet hint added
4 Waves spreadsheet added, but make your own
5 Molecular Dynamics
6 Sedimentation

Jan 30, PM
For the exam: You will not have to memorize any equations. You should be able to identify variables, etc, if an equation is presented to you.
Jan 30, PM
The 5th problem set has been modified. Omit problem 3.
Jan 30, AM
The 5th problem set has been posted. It is due Feb 4.
Jan 28,
Exam 1 will cover
(a) the material in lecture (through Feb 2),
(b) the problem sets,
(c) material on the web on molecular interactions
(d) Chapters 1,2,3,5,7 of van Holde.
Jan 28,
The course schedule has been updated.
Jan 26,
The 4th problem set has been posted. It is due Feb 2.
Jan 26,
The 3rd problem set has been posted. It is due Feb 2.
Jan 13,
The posted material on molecular interactions here, has been revised. The most recent revision date (at the top of the document is 1/13/).
Jan 13,
Change in due date. The first problem set is not due on the 19th, that is Martin Luther King Day. It is due on Jan 21.
Jan 12,
So far you are responsible for the material in Chapter 1 (except 1.4) and Chapter 2, along with the material in the lecture and the posted material on molecular interactions (here) In the next class we will start on Chapter 5.
Jan 12,
A second problem set has been posted (Problem set 2, Basic Thermo). This problem set is due on Friday, 1/23.
Jan 12,
Students may work on the problem sets in small groups. However the nature of the group, including the participants, and the specific role of each member must be described at the end of the document.

Jan 12,
The problem set posted today (Problem set 1, Molecular Interactions) is due on Monday, Jan 19 [**change to Jan 21].