Reciprocal Space/Bragg Equation

(A) Draw a two dimensional unit cell with a=2, b=3 (arbitrary units, use inches), gamma= 90.
(B) Draw the 3 4 planes (mirrors). Indicate the d-spacing.
(C) Sketch out the diffraction condition, illustrating Braggs Law: which is nxlambda=2dsine(theta).

(A) For the same 2x3 unit cell, would the d-spacing for the 5 4 planes be less than or greater than the d-spacing for the 3 4 planes?
(B) What about theta?
(C) Give a general non-quantitative description between d-spacing and theta.
(D) If everything were held fixed except the wavelength of the radiation, which increased, what would happen to theta?

hints for this problem set are here.