Nucleic Acid Structure and Biochemistry
Loren Williams, Spring 2005

office hours: TBD

11:05 am - 11:55 am MWF

52 Coll of Computing


Reading Assignments

Background Information

Course Structure

This course will be taught entirely out of the literature. Each week one paper (paper A) will be assigned by LDW. You must by

(1) Monday: read paper A, and be prepared to discuss it in class,

(2) Tuesday: choose a paper individually, related to paper A, email it to LDW, and reach a consensus with the rest of the class on two related papers (Papers B and C) to discuss in class on Wednesday,

(3) Wednesday: Class discussion papers of B and C,

(4) Thursday: choose a paper individually (related to papers B and C) email it to LDW, and reach each a consensus with the rest of the class on two related papers (papers D and E),

(5) Friday: Class discussion of papers D and E.

Some Useful Pymol Commands are here

Email Instructions

Please put your full name and the course number (8853) in the subject line. When emailing a paper, put the citation in the body of the message, in the format used on the course article page.

Class List (remove x's)

Bhatti, Fuad
Ghosh, Avik K.
Hsiao, Chiaolong
Jones, Richard S.
Leung, Horace H.
Saheb, Ali R.
Turner, Emma L.
Wittich, Kristin B.
Williams, Loren